Pro Select Soccer Academy – FAQ

Pro Select Soccer Academy is home to the San Diego soccer player looking to elevate their technical, tactical and physical ability. Please review frequently asked questions for our programming: soccer camps, soccer school and private soccer training in San Diego, California. In addition, find information on our international soccer tours to Brazil and across the globe.

San Diego Soccer Camps

Q: What level do I sign my child up for?
A: Sign your child up initially for the level that meets his/her age, but on the first day of camp we will evaluate the player and the groups and make adjustments to meet the player’s needs.

Q: What time should we arrive? 
A: If you have pre registered online and are all paid in full arrival time would be 15 min prior to camp starting. If you have not paid in full and need to register or are a walk up please arrive 30 minutes prior on the first day of camp.

Q: Can we drop our child off early? 
A: The coaching staff arrives between 8:00am-8:30am and we allow drop off at this time. Please notify staff if you plan to have an early drop off so we can be prepared.

Q: What should we bring to camp? 
A: Please bring a ball, water, snack or lunch, shin guards, proper soccer shoes and a good attitude.

Q: What if we are selected from a camp as an invitational player to travel on an international tour? 
A: If you were selected to travel with a team on a tour we will be in contact with you to give you all necessary information such as date, time, cost, and tryout location. You will be an official invitational player on the team and will have a spot on the roster. Usually teams are built around invitational players.

Q: What types of players attend Pro Select Soccer? 
A: This program is for the serious and dedicated player with a strong desire to develop attends Pro Select Programs.

Q: Can a full team sign up for Pro Select Camps? 
A: Pro Select invites and encourages full teams or groups to attend training camps with Pro Select. The players that come in as a group or team will be offered a team discount.

San Diego Soccer School

Q: What is the purpose of Soccer School?
A: Soccer School is the next level of training. We often identify great talent within our training camps and want to take the player one step further. The Soccer School program is designed to train the individual player in a setting with an individual coach and at times 1-2 players of your ability.

Q: How do you get accepted into Soccer School? 
A: All players have the opportunity to enroll in Soccer School with Pro Select, but we need to identify that the player is intermediate to advanced and has the right attitude and habits in training. After reviewing the registration form we will inform you of your acceptance.

Q: How often is Soccer School? How long? Cost? 
A: Soccer School sessions are offered in the fall and spring. Each session is 10 weeks and training is every Sunday. There is a package deal set up for all 10 sessions. Otherwise the cost per player is $50 per session.

Q: Can we customize our workouts in Soccer School? 
A: Soccer School is designed to work on each individual player so we look forward to hearing what players need and want to learn from our staff. At the same time each player will be evaluated and certain areas of his/her game will constantly be trained.

International Training

Q: How do you become a member of International Training? 
A: Players are selected from the Pro Select programs around the country, which are known as invitational players. In addition, we hold tryouts to give all players the opportunity. Many times we will scout players or contact teams nationally to fill certain positions.

Q: Who is the travel operator for Pro Select Soccer? 
A: Action Tours International manages all Pro Select International Tours and has proven to be the best possible choice.

Q: Can parents travel with players going on the tour? 
A: We allow parents to travel as a tour chaperone with the team. These spots are on a first come first serve basis.

Q: Will the team train prior to traveling on the tour? 
A: Pro Select will train the team leading up to the tour and feature the team in a camp or exhibition game. This is an important part of the program for the team as it is usually a select group that needs to become familiar with each other. This is also a very exciting process to see the team before the tour and then where they are after.

Q: What are the fees required to participate in a tour? 
A: Action Tours International will provide a complete package price for the tour. Pro Select Soccer will have uniform, equipment, and coaching fees estimated at around $500 per player.