International Soccer Program – Brazil

The Pro Select International Program takes the elite player to Brazil to train and play. The players represent the USA and Pro Select and are usually some of the best players in the USA in the age group.

Each player either is selected through the Pro Select Camps, Soccer School, tournament play, or National Club partners. On occasion we will take a player into the program that has contacted Pro Select and comes with good references or wants to tryout for the program.

The following is provided to all Pro Select Players that take part in the International Program:

•  International Program agreement for players
•  Fully outfitted with travel gear, training gear, game uniform, sweats, bags,etc.
•  Preparation training sessions; including team camp if players are in So Cal.
•  Goal setting meeting to prepare for the tour and beyond
•  Training in Brazil with Pro Select Staff and Brazilian 1st Division Coaches
•  Pro Select International Workbook
•  Player evaluation
•  Academy Team Opportunities

For more information regarding the International Training Program or to inquire how you or your team can take part in the Pro Select International Program contact us at [email protected]

View Brazil Pro Select International Brazil video below.