Fall Skill School

Pro Select Skill Schools will be led by David Cabán and are for competitive players looking to focus on specialized technical skill work. Skill sessions are 8 x 1-hour sessions with small group training that allows us to go into the type of detail that larger settings don’t allow. Players start with unopposed technical work, then gradually adding in opposition to develop skill. Eventually progressing to game realistic exercises where the newly-learned skills can be applied and used. Our skill schools are aimed at creating dynamic individual players on the ball and are extremely effective for producing noticeable improvement.

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Fall Skill School 2020 Dates/Times/Location Information
Fall Skill School Fridays September 25 – November 6, 5pm & 6:15pm, Chula Vista Turf 7 weeks
Fall Skill School Sundays September 27 – November 8, 9am & 10:15am, Chula Vista Turf 7 weeks
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