Advanced system of soccer training and opportunities for individual development with the end result being college or professional placement.

Pro Select Soccer Academy in San Diego offers intensive training programs to help youth players reach college or professional levels, including camps and private sessions. The goal is to work with the most serious of players from around the United States and advance their game.

Spring, Summer and Winter Soccer Camps designed for Competitive Players

Pro Select Soccer Camps with great care and enthusiasm carefully train and develop the top youth players with top sessions and helping the young players develop through quality of training habits. We pride ourselves on the consistent approach to training and repetition of the right soccer habits.

Pro Select Soccer will empower these players throughout the training and build confidence towards executing the technical areas of the game.


Reserve your spot now for Private Small Group Training led by an Elite-level coaching staff.

News & Insights

How to Eat As A Young Soccer Player

Need for Nutrients A crucial aspect for every soccer player, child or adult, is nutrition. Children and adolescents that exercise a lot often have a double burden: their bodies are

Understanding Positions – Part 2 – Forwards

Everyone´s favorite position: Forward! No defending, scoring goals, and being the hero of your team; sounds like the perfect position. Forwards tend to be the best paid professionals, think Messi

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