Pro Select Soccer exists to provide the elite player with an advanced system of training and opportunities for individual development with the end result being college or professional placement.

San Diego Soccer Training

The company based in San Diego, California has been formed to help the youth player reach the college or professional level through serious training programs: soccer camps and private soccer training in San Diego. The goal is to work with the most serious of players from around the United States and advance their game.

Pro Select Soccer Academy in San Diego believes in the youth club system, the Olympic Development Program, and the other vehicles that exist in the youth soccer circuit today, but also feels strongly that players need additional attention and support in order to get to the highest level. Most players that found themselves at the college or professional level went above and beyond what was being offered to them already to seek additional training opportunities and experiences. Contact our headquarters in San Diego for additional information.


Matthew had a great time at Camp this week playing with kids that are not his normal teammates. He felt that they worked hard but also had a lot of laughs. I appreciate the positive learning environment that you and the other coaches have created giving all of those in the camp the ability to learn and get valuable touches on the ball in a low stress environment. Matthew told me more than once during the week that he was having a great time and that he really liked you as a coach.

– Sheila – Parent

We loved our camp experience and look forward to next week. We appreciated the fact that camp seemed very organized and coaches had a very positive, enthusiastic attitude. Saoirse made friends easily and was excited to share her new skills with us every day. Thank you again!

– Mark – Parent

I received an email from Presidio Soccer League with the advertisement for Pro Select Soccer and when I noticed they had a Spring Camp I decided to sign both my son and my daughter up. I am so glad I did! They both came home each day saying how much fun they had and wish they could stay all day long! When I asked if they felt like they were learning anything new they both replied with an immediate “yes”! The coach’s were great and interacted with the players very professionally. It was nice to see the kids come together from different clubs and ages and build another soccer family. We will definitely be signing up for more Pro Select Soccer Camps in the future! Thank you Pro Select Soccer for not only further developing their game play but also for creating lifetime memories!

– Aimee – Parent

Pro Select Soccer has been a very good choice for my son’s soccer development (U8). I’ve been impressed with the curriculum which is technical and challenging. It is exactly what I was seeking as a supplement training program for my son during the club soccer season. Pro Select Soccer not only teaches the required skills necessary for development but also coaches the players how to tactfully apply those skills during game situations. I see this is a pivotal part of learning. I have always appreciated the technical and tactical side of the game. This is something I try to emphasize early in development so that technique becomes innate which enables intelligent decision-making during game situations. This is our first year with Pro Select Soccer and I plan on continuing my son’s enrollment with the Academy.

– Patrick O’Sullivan – Surf SC Parent

The training our son Chad received from Nick Surface and Pro Select was exactly what we were looking for to improve his game! We were impressed by how fundamentally strong the sessions were and that each session was fun but challenging. We know that the skills and footwork Chad learned will help him become a stronger player and he will be able to apply those skills out on the field. We highly recommend Pro Select and look forward to many more “competition Sundays.

– Gabino & Christina Ortiz – Hotspurs USA Parent

I am very pleased and impressed with the quality of training at Pro Select Soccer Academy. The level of emphasis on the subtle details of play, decision making and technique is second to none. While my son already plays at a high club level, the training he receives with his club is understandably team focused. The nature of individual technique and skills training at Pro Select Soccer Academy is the perfect complement to his club experience. I would truly classify Pro Select Soccer Academy as an elite training program and I will definitely be a repeat customer.

– Tracy Rojas – Notts Forrest FC

My 9 year old son (Gabe) had a very great experience at your soccer camp. I thought it was very well trained and explained. The sessions were very well planed out and executed. Gabe is looking forward to returning to your camp again to continuing his soccer development. Gabe had fun and learned a lot.

– Jose Meza – Chula Vista FC Parent

My daughter, Tara Duncan loves the training and will sign up for more clinics with you in the future. The clinics have already improved her goalie skills markedly and given her things to work on to improve. She missed last week’s clinic as she was playing in Presidio Cup. She had a great tournament, 3 clean sheets in four games, including one in the championship. She had one save in the last few minutes of the first game that she likely would not have made, but for her clinics with you. Everyone thought it was going in and the other team was celebrating already. If it went in to tie, we would not have gone to the championship.

– John Duncan – Albion SC Goalkeeper Parent

Training with Pro select was a great experience. It helped tremendously with developing my balls skills and overall knowledge of the game. Pro select has opened up so many doors of opportunity, such as travelling to Brazil and being immersed into a different culture. Through this program I have met so many great people and made some unforgettable memories. I peronally loved my expereince and recommend the program to everyone!

– Becky Claudat, TCU Division I Player, Former Pro Select Player (Soccer School, International Program, Academy Team)

Pro Select soccer has created a very good life and soccer experience for youth soccer players in this country. The International Program provided for elite youth soccer players in the USA is a tremendous, once in a lifetime event. The players have the opportunity to train and experience soccer at a new level which in many cases challenges the player to a new desire to play soccer. More importantly, the players experience a new country and are exposed to the beauty of culture and life outside of their own here in the US. I have had the privilege to watch Pro Select grow into a healthy soccer opportunity. I have had a player play for me at the University level who had the opportunity to train with Pro Select and it was a very healthy experience for him and took him to another level as a soccer player and as a young man.

– Tim Hall, Head Men’s Coach, Point Loma Nazarene University

The Pro Select Training Camps are a great opportunity to develop as a soccer player no matter what level you are playing. Noah Gins is able to challenge every player he trains, teaching them about the tactical and technical sides to soccer. Noah pushed me into becoming a better player; expecting nothing less than my best. At the Pro Select Training Camps I was constantly touching the ball and a critical eye was watching to make sure I was performing to the best of my ability. I would recommend the anyone and everyone take advantage of what Pro Select can offer.

– Ali Hawkins, US National Team, University of North Carolina, Division I Player Former Pro Select Player (Training Camps, Soccer School)

The Pro Select Soccer training program helped me to develop as a player and a person. Being only 14 and having the chance to go to Brazil was great. I met so many new people and have some great memories. The competition there was amazing, and I think it helped me be to be more confident, strong, and just mentally prepared to do something new when I stepped onto the field to play with the National Team!! Being able to play against such skilled players helped me to become a better soccer player and helped push me to do my best each and every game. It moved me one step closer to my dream of playing Internationally and in the Olympics!

– Devin Marshall- Albion SC Player, US National Team Player, Current Pro Select Player (International Program, Academy Program)

Dear Pro Select Soccer, “Impressed,” to say the least! “Pro Select exudes professionalism, integrity, and heart. It’s evident how much time and effort is spent on creating and maintaining this image from the top down. One cannot help but want to emulate this and be a part of it. Jamie is certainly a better soccer player as a result of the personal one on one environment that you create around her. Jamie has always possessed very high expectations of herself as well as those that impact her day to day life. Pro Select has certainly shown her that with hard work, commitment, and heart anything is possible.” “Thank you and we look forward to many amazing experiences along the way.”

– Cathy Schnieders, Parent and Chaperone (Pro Select Academy and International Program)